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19 April 2017 CNBC
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon went to the home improvement store with first-time flipper Kai Bandele because he invested $47,000 in a home renovation project she was leading. Conlon was nervous the home renovation was falling behind schedule and he wanted to do what he could to keep tabs on the... [Read More]
18 April 2017 Huffington Post
Buying and selling property can be a lucrative way to make money...quickly. It can also be the way to lose it. Millions of viewers each week tune in to watch couples buy houses on the cheap, gut a kitchen or bathroom, slap on some paint and make tens of thousands of dollars on their investment in... [Read More]
18 April 2017 CNBC
Tony Robbins argues that hunger is the most important indicator of success. Self-made real estate tycoon Sean Conlon explains that his own hunger comes from his modest upbringing and immigrant story. Growing up, Conlon's family of seven lived in a 1,000-square-foot home in a small Irish village of... [Read More]
14 April 2017 WGN TV
Watch Sean's interview with WGN Morning News here.
14 April 2017
CNBC Not all house flips have happy endings. In fact, many intrepid newbie investors lose their shirts. And that's what appears to be on tap in the latest episode of "The Deed: Chicago"—that is, unless host Sean Conlon can work a miracle. All started out OK for real estate agent Chantill Greer and... [Read More]
12 April 2017 CNBC
Should you buy or should you rent? According to the numbers, renting is cheaper in every state as well as the District of Columbia. Still, real estate mogul Sean Conlon, star of CNBC's "The Deed: Chicago," says you should buy. "I am a true believer that you save every penny and you buy your first... [Read More]
12 April 2017
Frustrated flippers Larry and Chantill explain to host Sean Conlon how a series of renovation mistakes, overseen by their dubious general contractor, have caused them to bleed money. The Deed: Chicago All-new Wednesdays 10P ET/PT SEE THE VIDEO AT: [Read More]
12 April 2017 Michigan Avenue Magazine
Conlon & Co. chairman Sean Conlon has long been a star of Chicago’s real estate world, but now he’s sharing his industry smarts on a national level as the host of CNBC’s The Deed: Chicago. The show follows Conlon as he gives struggling developers a lifeline, investing his money, time, and... [Read More]
12 April 2017 Hollywood Outbreak
Real estate entrepreneur Sean Conlon has shown he has a skill set for the TV medium with the CNBC series The Deed: Chicago, and expanding his horizons is something that’s not foreign to this Irish immigrant. Coming to the U.S. with just $500 in his pocket, Conlon worked as a janitor and pursued on... [Read More]
07 April 2017
CNBC Investing in real estate is a venture that many dream of, but very few can do right. Just ask Sean Conlon, the Irish-born janitor-turned-millionaire real estate maven who is now the host of CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago”—a reality TV show in which he helps other investors who are in over... [Read More]